There are certain circumstances where you may be able to appeal a decision made by Immigration New Zealand. The type of appeal you make will depend on the type of visa application you have made and your own personal visa status and circumstances.


If you have made a a temporary visa application onshore in New Zealand and your application has been declined but you are still lawful you can ask for a reconsideration of your application.

Appeal to the Immigration Protection Tribunal

If you have made a residency application and it has been declined, you may be able to submit an appeal to the Immigration Protection Tribunal in the following circumstances:

  • You are lawfully in New Zealand with a valid visa AND
  • You believe the Case Officer made a factual or procedural error which affected the outcome of your application OR
  • You believe there are humanitarian grounds which you feel should allow you to remain in New Zealand.

In addition, if you have received a deportation order you may be able to lodge a humanitarian appeal against deportation to the Immigration Protection Tribunal.

Please note you only have 42 days to file a Residence appeal with the Immigration Protection Tribunal once your visa has been declined

Ministerial Appeals

If your visa application has been declined, you have become unlawful or have been issued a deportation order and believe you have special circumstances that warrant it, you may be able to make a Ministerial Intervention where the Immigration Minister will weigh up your special circumstances and may instruct Immigration New Zealand to review your case and potentially reverse its decision.

You should always take professional advice where possible when submitting an appeal of any kind.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers are very experienced in making such appeals.

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