Here at New Life Global we have helped thousands of people from over 60 countries secure visas to start a new life in New Zealand. Whether you are a skilled migrant, business owner, investor, student or have family in New Zealand we have the expertise to help you obtain your visa.


Firstly, all of our Immigration Advisers are licensed by the Immigration Adviser's  Authority and we are members of the New Zealand Association of Migration and Investment, the professional body of Immigration Advisers so you can rest assured we are full trained and up to date with Immigration law and trends.

We will assess you to make absolutely sure you (and your family) meet immigration criteria before you invest in the the momentous decision to move to New Zealand. Unfortunately we see so many people who think or assume they are eligible to migrate to New Zealand, but later find out their qualification, a health issue or even just a misunderstanding prevents them from making the move.  In the meantime, some people have made irrevocable decisions such as selling their house or taking their children out of school and bringing the whole family to New Zealand on Visitor Visas, only to find they aren't actually eligible for a visa.


Immigration New Zealand prefers applications which anticipate and address all potential issues "up front", rather than having to put an application on hold while they go back to the applicant and seek additional information.  In some cases not having things prepared in advance can lead to your application being declined if you can't respond within the deadlines set by Immigration.  From the beginning you will have your own dedicated Licensed Immigration Adviser who will analyse your individual situation according to the type of visa you want to apply for, and work closely with you to prepare the fullest possible case to satisfy Immigration requirements.  Your Licensed Immigration Adviser will give you specific, clear instructions on the documents you need to provide, review them and give you feedback on what else may be required to strengthen your case.

Your Licensed Immigration Adviser will also tell you when to take each step e.g. the timing of medicals, police certificates or financial position statements.  This will prevent you from wasting time and money by doing things too early, only to find out they run past their expiry date while you are still getting the rest of your application ready.

Depending on the type of visa application you are making, your Licensed Immigration Adviser will also support you as you select a course of study, look for a job, or search for a business or investment opportunity.  We have additional services that can help you in these areas.

Once everything is in place, your Licensed Immigration will prepare and submit the application to Immigration on behalf of you and your family. 

We will stay in contact regularly with Immigration while your application is processing, and they will liaise with us rather than you. If they do request any additional information we will prepare an appropriate response as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and will see your application right through to the end when the visa is stamped in your passport.

We will keep you regularly updated throughout the process.

We have an excellent reputation with Immigration New Zealand and As Licensed Immigration Advisers we have the added benefit of having direct contact details for Immigration Management and staff.  This means that if necessary we can contact Immigration in advance of submitting your application to get special exceptions for lodgement, request priority processing, and take other steps to help things move through the system more quickly.

People use our services for a variety of reasons - they may be making the biggest move of their life and want to make sure they get it right given the cost and disruption for their family, they may be busy professionals and need someone else to take care of it all for them, or they may have complicating circumstances such as a previous declined visa application, health or character issues, or a complex family situation which mean that their application is less likely to be approved.

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