International Recruitment

At New Life Global we know how tough it is to find qualified, experienced and motivated staff. New Zealand is a remarkable country that really punches above its weight but the reality is there's not enough of us to go around. For business to grow and to play out on the world stage we need agile employees who are up to date with the latest technology and have the contacts to open up new markets.

At New Life Global we offer recruitment solutions that go well beyond our borders. New Zealand is no doubt a desirable location for new migrants but we are competing in an increasingly competitive market for global talent. If your business is at risk of losing contracts  or you're turning down business  due to a lack of qualified staff then don't despair. call us today to see how we can help you grow your business and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Candidate Sourcing

Due to our global networks and our internationally experienced recruiters we are able to provide solutions across all industries and fields of expertise. All of our approved candidates are put through a very rigorous selection process. We not only assess their competency but also assess their visa eligibility and their motivation to move to New Zealand

Visa Eligibility Checking

Our team of experienced in-house Licensed immigration Advisers are able to assess all of our approved candidates to ensure they and their accompanying family members meet immigration policy therefore significantly reducing the risk of delays in the visa process.

Motivational Assessment

Using our internally developed motivational assessment tools we are able to establish the level of motivation and preparedness of candidates and their families to move to a New Zealand . This gives us an accurate indication of the likely success or otherwise of a move to a new country. We ultimately want to ensure the employee and their family make a successful transition and the employee is able to focus 100% on his or her new role. In the event potential resettlement issues are identified our resettlement support team are able to tailor appropriate resettlement support packages.