Section 61 Applications

All migrants to New Zealand must hold a valid visa to remain in the country (with the exception of Australian citizens or Permanent Residents).

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for people to find themselves in an unlawful situation whilst in New Zealand. You may become unlawful due to the expiry of your visa after an application has been declined or your visa may have been revoked for some reason.

If you have become unlawful, any future visa application you make must be made under Section 61 of the Immigration Act. Applying under Section 61 is complex and requires a large amount of information to be supplied to a special team of Immigration Officers who will assess your background as well as the reasons why you became unlawful before even looking at your application. 

Under Section 61 Immigration Officers are not obliged to examine your application if they believe your visa history or the reasons you became unlawful do not merit them doing so. In addition, Immigration Officers are not obliged to give a reason for declining your request and do not have to ask for further information should they have any concerns about your application.

This means you have only one opportunity to get it right.

Our Licensed Immigration Advisers are experts in preparing and submitting Section 61 applications. 

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