Securing Permanent Residency

How to Secure Permanent Residency in New Zealand

So, you want to move to NZ for good? You'll need to know how to go about securing New Zealand permanent residency then...

New Zealand is looking for migrants but that doesn't mean obtaining the right to live in the country is easy. You need to be able to prove you can contribute positively to New Zealand and you need to be able to support yourself when you move...

What is permanent residency?

If you are not a New Zealand citizen and you want to live here permanently, you will need permanent residency (you'll often see it referred to as "PR"). Being a permanent resident enables you to live and work in New Zealand as long as you like.

How do you go about securing it?

Your chances of securing permanent residency will depend on a number of factors. Immigration New Zealand will assess your age and health (as proven by a medical) and your personal history. That history will determine the route to permanent residency that suits you best:

If you are not eligible for permanent residence now, you may be able to get a temporary work visa that allows you to enhance your profile and "Work to Residence".
Finding out about your prospects of PR

It can be hard to be sure whether you have a chance of securing PR. Immigration New Zealand offers a whole lot of information, but they aren't in the business of advising people how to secure permanent residence.
How can we help you?

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