Skilled Migrant Residency

Migrate to New Zealand with a Skilled Migrant Visa

New Zealand is looking for skilled migrants. Find out if you qualify and how best to make your dream of enjoying the New Zealand lifestyle a reality.

With changing economic times skilled migration to New Zealand isn't as easy as it was. All the more reason then to ensure that your application won't fail with the security of our 100% success rate...

Skilled Migration Visa Requirements

There are two key elements that make up a successful application for this type of visa:

  • Skills and experience that qualify you to immigrate under New Zealand Immigration's points system.
  • And a job offer that meets immigration requirements.

Note: assuming that you apply correctly, skilled migrant visas offer your family the same right to permanent residence that you will have.
The Visa Application Process

There are three stages of a skilled migrant application:

  1. Submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) - A screening stage where you submit a profile that will be assessed to determine your eligibility for residency. Successful EOIs are then eligible to be selected to progress to the next stage from a pool of applications. 
  2. Receiving an Invitation to Apply (ITA) - A verification stage where you are required to prove that you qualify for the points you claimed in your EOI in a limited time period.
  3. Granting of Residency - Assuming your points are verified, you will be eligible for permanent residency but be required to work in the job you achieved residency with for at least three months or 12 months if you job is outside Auckland

How can we help you?

The process seems straightforward, but many people fail to make it through to stage three... Their mistake? They misunderstand the process or underestimate the rigour of it, claiming things in their EOI that they cannot prove.

We understand the process and its pitfalls. We will work with you to put together an application that maximises the value of your skills and experience. And we'll help you meet employment requirements through our extensive network of employer contacts.   

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