Temporary Work Visa

Get a Temporary Work Visa that Suits Your Needs

Looking to work in New Zealand without moving here permanently? Make sure you get the temporary work visas that suits your needs with the advantage of professional immigration advice.

A Temporary Work Visa allows you to live and work in New Zealand for a limited period of time determined by Immigration New Zealand. This depends on the duration of your job offer but is usually 2 years.

Temporary work permit or visa requirements

Thinking of living in New Zealand on a temporary basis? Considering a working holiday?

The key requirement that you need to be aware of is that you will generally need the offer of a job that meets New Zealand Immigration requirements. Normally this means that your potential employer has been unable to fill your position from local applicants.  

How can we help you?

As with any visa application, it is very important to get your application right and ensure that your visa reflects your personal situation and gives you maximum options... 

You should be aware, for instance, that this type of visa applies only to the individual who secures the right to work in New Zealand. We can ensure that you apply for appropriate visas for the rest of your family so that your time in New Zealand is not blighted by immigration difficulties.

Get the visa best suited to your needs

You might also like to consider a Work to Residence type visa -- a temporary visa that can potentially open up the possibility of permanent residency...

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