Frequently Asked Questions

We know it's tough finding qualified experienced and motivated staff and we also know that not having them can be detrimental to your business. At New Life Global, we not only find the people your business needs but we get them here quickly with the right visas and support them on arrival and beyond so you retain your valuable new asset.

Our goal is to get you the best staff possible. It doesn't matter to us if that person is a locally based New Zealander, a Kiwi ex-pat in London or a foreign national. We will always provide you with the best talent options available.

All of our candidates are pre-screened and interviewed for their suitabity for the role before you are presneted with their CV.

Each candidate (and their accompanying family members) have been assessed as meeting New Zealand visa requirements ensuring there are no delays in the immigration process. As part of the recruitment and visa process the candidate undergoes police checks and medical screening.

Qualifications are verified and assessed by NZQA as being genuine and meeting New Zealand standards and reference checks are also conducted.

Finally, psychometric testing or behavoiur profiling can be done if required.

Yes absolutely. Our services are modular so if you have a new hire and they need a visa we can do that. Conversely if you have your own preferred Licensed Immigration Adviser and only need recruitment services we can work with them too. We also offer coaching and relocation support as a stand alone service if required.

In the rare event you are not happy with your new hire in other words they are not up to scratch or if they leave before 6 months we offer full replacement of that hire.

This ultimately depends on the seniority of the position, the location of the new employee and the type of visa applied for. Generally speaking once the employee has been offered the position it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to obtain the visa. If the employer is a New Zealand Immigration accredited employer then the visa takes 5 working days.

We can recruit from any country in the world depending on the assignment. For senior postions we generally place candidates from the UK, Ireland, North America, Europe and Australia. 

For large IT projects we recruit from India and Singpaore and for skilled trade positions we recruit primarily from the Philippines, UK and Ireland.