Migration-ready Job Support Package


With just 1 million people in the South Island and 3 million in the North, New Zealand is always on the lookout for skilled workers from across the globe.

Did you know New Zealand has a skills shortage across a range of sectors such as IT, engineering and health? The employment opportunities available are many and varied, however when you are located 12.000km away, gaining access to the best jobs can be really difficult.

To add to the complexity, even if you find the right job, employers are unlikely to consider you without knowing you are eligible for a visa. Without a NZ job offer, your dream of starting a new life in New Zealand will not become a reality.

Whether you are planning to stay long term or are looking for a temporary role, give yourself the best possible chance of getting a job with New Life Global’s ‘Migration-ready Job Support Package’.

Why choose the Migration-ready Job Support Package?

Gain access to exclusive job opportunities and employers

It is estimated only 20 – 30% of the positions available in New Zealand at any one time are posted in public forums. Our dedicated Migrant Job Support Specialists have exclusive relationships with New Zealand employers and recruitment agents, guaranteeing you get your CV in the hands of some of the country’s top employers including Telecom, ASB and The University of Auckland.

Give your prospective employer peace of mind you are an eligible candidate

In most cases, employers will not consider applicants without the reassurance they are eligible to live and work permanently in New Zealand to avoid wasting precious time and resources. Knowing you have been assessed by one of New Life Global’s experienced Licenced Immigration Consultants provides the reassurance they need to know you are legal and possess all the necessary paper work.

Get a head start by leveraging our existing relationships

In a country of only 4 million people, it’s not what you know but who you know. Our established relationships with NZ employers and employment agencies will ensure you get ahead of the competition through personal introductions, and help you stand out from the hundreds of other global applicants.

Remove the barriers of deadlines and geographical distance

One of the most common questions potential employers ask us is ‘I want to talk to this candidate. What time is it in the UK?’ This is often followed by “2.00 am…Next candidate!” Using our services will ensure you don’t miss out on NZ job opportunities due to the issues associated with time or location.  We also have the connections and experience to expedite an application if there is a tight deadline to reassure employers you will be able to start work on time.

What is included in the ‘Migration Ready Support Package’?

Strategic Plan for a successful job search

A strong strategic approach to accessing the New Zealand job market is imperative when trying to secure employment from another country. We will provide you with a clear roadmap of how to access the best job opportunities suited to your skills and the steps you need to take to be successful.  

Professional CV/ Resume and Cover letter template

Our experts will create an engaging and personalised CV and cover letter to showcase your skills, experience and qualifications to prospective employers in a manner that will put you ahead of the competition

Immigration Advisor review of potential jobs

One of New Life Global’s Licensed Immigration Advisers will review up to 10 potential job offers to see if they are suitable for a NZ work visa or for a residence application. This ensures you don’t waste time pursuing unrealistic opportunities.