Skilled Migrant Visa Service


Voted one of the top 10 countries to live and work in by the Better Life Index, New Zealand is the perfect place to start a new life.

New Zealand’s quality of life ranks top for health, environment and community in the OECD Better Life Index so it’s no wonder it’s one of the most desirable places in the whole world to live. However, gaining a New Zealand residency visa is far from certain and over one third of visa applications are unsuccessful.

At New Life Global, we have gone to great lengths to design our ‘Premium Job Support & Visa Service’ package, to give you the best possible chance of working and living in New Zealand. With a 99% success rate of securing a job and visa, we are confident we can turn your dream into reality.

Why choose the ‘Premium Job Support & Visa Service Package’?

All your visa and recruitment needs in one simple solution

We are the only Immigration Consultants in New Zealand able to assist you, and your family, with every aspect of finding a job and gaining a NZ work visa. Our assistance will last right to the point whereby your visa is stamped in your passport and you are happy and settled - no matter how long it takes.

Simplify the visa application process and paperwork

It is a well-known fact that the New Zealand visa application process can be extremely complicated. We will advise you on all documentation required for a successful application, and provide information on when and where to carry out the various steps saving time, stress, effort and money. Once you are ready to submit, we will lodge the application on your behalf, acting as your licenced Immigration Advisor, and then actively follow up to ensure the fastest path to entry.

Unlimited access to our expert team of Immigration and HR specialists

Liaising with Immigration NZ and potential employers can be a complex process when you are on the other side of the world. Our Immigration and Job Search specialists are always on hand via your preferred method of communication, offering you unparalleled support to answer any questions.   

Access employment support for both yourself and your employer

As well as receiving all of the benefits of our 'Migration-Ready & Job Support Package' our ‘Premium Job Support & Visa Service’ also supports your employers by helping them work through their documentation  to avoid costly mistakes. Often New Zealand employers will not consider an overseas candidate unless they have the guarantee of this assistance.

What is included in the ‘Premium Job Support & Visa Service Package’?

You will receive all of the benefits of the 'Migration Eligibility Assessment & Plan' and ‘Migration-Ready & Job Support Package’ plus:

Strategic plan for successful visa application

We take a tactical approach to your work and visa application, providing a comprehensive plan to ensure the best scenario for success and we will endeavour to resolve any issues you may not be aware of, that may stand in your way.

Immigration Advisor review of potential jobs

One of New Life Global’s Licensed Immigration Advisers will review up to 10 potential job offers to see if they are suitable for a NZ work visa or for a residence application. This ensures you don’t waste time pursuing unrealistic opportunities.

Full document instructions & comprehensive documentation review

We will help you complete all documentation required for a successful application and then review everything before submission to ensure it meets immigration requirements, with specific advice on required wording or sample documents if necessary.

Visa application submission to Immigration NZ and act as your Agent

We will submit your application and then if Immigration requires further information, we may be able to handle it for you directly. Alternatively we will be able to advise you on exactly what information you need to respond to their requests, in the way that is most favourable to yourself.